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12:48 AM on March 18, 2017 by [email protected]

Andrea is absolutely amazing. We have used many pet sitters over the past 23 years at our Mesa home. She is the best by far. We have been very comfortable with Andrea's care of our animals since first starting with her in 2013. She has consistently taken good care of our babies 20-25 times, several times for over 2 weeks.

- She texts pictures and meaningful messages on every visit she makes.

- She is observant and asks relevant questions about anything that she sees that may be out of order (pets and otherwise).

- She handles all aspects of pet care (shots, giving medicine, walks) and all kinds of pets (We currently have 4 cats, 1 dog, and a 50 gal tank of fish), and will also do some home care such as watering plants, bringing in the paper, etc.

- She really does love animals I think. Our cats would sometimes 'misbehave' horribly with other pet sitters. We would have to clean up quite a bit when we came home. Andrea tries to talk to everyone and tells us about their behaviors. Our house and pets are much better when we come home now.

- She has both good common sense and a quick intellect, is honest, and always tells you in a polite professional way what she can do to help or gives good advice.

The last visit was atypically tough and shows the lengths that Andrea goes to. We were gone for almost three weeks. Our male cat must have tussled with one of the females and ended up with a swollen lip after we were gone only 2-3 days. She observed it as quickly as we would have and sent us pictures. After brief texts while we were driving in an area with poor reception, we decided that she should take the cat to the vet and she helped us arrange to pay while we were in the boonies. Every day of course had a status report and the cat was totally fine within a few days. We unexpectedly needed some personal business type of information. Andrea helped us out twice with taking pictures of several personal documents. Then, the fish tank pump stopped working correctly. She texted us a photo of a possible problem area with the pump while we were hiking on a remote trail in Oregon. We texted info back and forth until we finally got to a spot where the reception was good enough to call. She had to head back to the house, and was able to fix it during a brief conversation.

Obviously, we trust her completely.